Have you ever dreamed of being an engineer? Well, Rosie followed her dreams and became an engineer. She built so many inventions that she made out of garbage, broken toys, and other stuff in her room. Rosie used everything to make something new. For example, she has an uncle and she knows that he hates snakes on his head. So, she made a hat for him. She used mac and cheese and a metal hanger to make a hat and a handle to roll it all around.


So do you think it will turn out good for uncle?  Well, he thought it was funny so she put it on her shelf to keep it safe. She thought that she would be the worst at being an engineer. Her aunt came for a visit. Her aunt said she wanted to make a plane in her old lady dreams. At night, Rosie didn’t know how was going to make it so she fell asleep.


The next day, Rosie made a little plane so she tried it. CRASH! Her plane fell down into pieces. The old woman laughed until she wheezed. And so young Rosie was sad but her Aunt hugged her and said, “You did it! Hooray! That was the perfect first try. It’s time for the next!” They made the plane and it turns out. You should read it and see what happen in the end. Do you think she can do it?    

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