Princesses Wear Pants may be my daughter’s and my newest favorite book! It is just adorable, and it presents such a great message to young girls everywhere. Princesses can look like however they want! They don’t need to wear fancy dresses and tiaras. Princesses are girls that know how to jump in to help those that are in need, and they are ones that are always willing to help solve a problem.


I love how Princesses Wear Pants teaches the lesson of being true to yourself in a manner that is fun and almost humorous. At one point in the story, the princess says she needs to wear her pants to do her exercises and her overalls to work her garden. After all, princesses cannot work in the dirt or stretch in their best yoga poses in their fancy ball gowns! That would be silly!


If you have a special princess in your life, like I do, Princesses Wear Pants is a must-add to their libraries. I love how this book challenges the status-quo of what a princess is supposed to be and instead reminds girls that princesses come in all shapes, sizes, and clothing choices!

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