Princess Pinecone wishes to be the best warrior of all time. She can’t wait to join in a rumble. People will know her name. They will see her and cower in fear.


That is if she can get the gift of her dreams of her birthday. This year, Princess Pinecone knows exactly what she needs to make her warrior dreams come true. She needs a strong horse. She needs a horse that shines in moments of chaos and allows her to become the greatest warrior of all time.


Princess Pinecone’s dream comes true on her birthday…. KINDA.


She gets a pony! Except, the pony is not the fierce, strong warrior pony of her dreams. Instead, it is a fat, ugly pony with crooked eyes and a bad habit of continually dispersing toxic toots. Princess Pinecone is crushed. How is she ever to become a famous warrior with a pony who’s only talent is its keen ability to fart at the worst moments possible?


Nevertheless, Princess Pinecone persists and she enters herself and her awkward steed into an upcoming battle. Day after day, Princess Pinecone does everything she can to prepare her flatulent pony for the battle.


The day of the battle finally comes. Princess Pinecone is prepared to prove herself amongst the strongest warriors of all time. In the heat of the moment, she finds herself being charged by the meanest of all warriors.


Will Princess Pinecone be okay? Will she be able to prove herself amongst the warriors? What will happen to her and her tooting sidekick?


The Princess and the Pony would make a great addition to any library. My daughter and my students all love this book whenever I pull it out for them. My guess is that it’s because of the routinely, farting pony that they all love this book!


What is it with kids and farting? No matter how it happens, they just find it hysterical. So why not add a hysterical book to your own library, I promise it will be met with resounding responses! (Hopefully laughter, and not farts!)

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