Tom Percival’s story, Perfectly Norman, is exquisitely illustrated and written. I just loved it from the moment I opened it.


The characteristic of the story that jumped out at me the most was the juxtaposition between Norman and the other characters and background in the story. Everything is black and white except Norman. Norman is completely illustrated in full color throughout the story. I thought this creative decision was brilliant and perfectly paired with the message of the story.


Throughout the story, you will see that Norman is really struggling to accept himself. He is constantly trying to hide these new beautiful wings that he just grew. Fearful of being different, Norman spends most of the story hiding his true self from everyone. As he hides longer and longer, Norman becomes more and more miserable.


In the end, you will see our beloved Norman find the power and courage to show the world his true self. Eventually, he will show his wings to the world and find out that being true to yourself is the only way to really find happiness in who you are.

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