Just dream that during the day you’re normal but at the strike of midnight you’re a mermaid. This happens to one little girl and her brother. They have a magical journey together.  You can find all about this magic in the book Part-time Mermaid by Deborah Underwood.


Many people struggle.   But this girl struggles with something particular. She can’t figure out if she actually turns into a mermaid or if she is dreaming everything. In addition to struggling with whether or not she is turning into a mermaid, she can’t find her brother in the middle of the story.


To add on, this little girl is motivated to find out if she is an actual mermaid. She is also motivated to find her brother. She thinks her brother only follows her. But when she can’t find him, she really misses him.


  The characters are unique in their own way. The little girl is a kind, motivated, and she's a problem-solver. The brother is the same way. He follows in his sister’s footsteps. He makes sure that he gives everyone some food if he gets food. He shares and is fair.


In conclusion, everyone should read this book. This book isn’t for just preschoolers. It is also for elementary-aged kids, and even some adults might like this book. This book should be on every teacher’s books-to-buy  list. There is not one teacher that shouldn’t buy this book.

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