A simple American girl falls in love with a dashing young man during her stay with her uncle in the small town of Cornwall, England. She is there trying to find any way possible to cope with the grief of losing her mother to a horrible car accident. The girl feels there is no hope for her life to ever find happiness again after her losing her mother, but that all changes when a chance encounter of a silver horse leads her to a chance encounter with a handsome, young (and British) boy!

The love of the young couple starts off with a rough introduction, but it immediately encapsulates and entrances the both of them. They explore the beautiful coast of England and he teaches her to ride some of his grandmother’s beloved horses.


Problems start for the new couple when the secrets they both are separately hiding from each other suddenly burst to the forefront of their new love and on to the headlines of the televisions and newspapers of rest of the world. The media has photographed this new couple sharing a private kiss, and now everything about the both of them is plastered for everyone to see.


His secret: He is the Crown Prince of Wales.


Her secret: She thinks she may be the cause of her mother’s death.


Sound familiar... and NO, I am not talking about the recent royal marriage of Megan Markle and Prince Harry. I am instead talking about the main characters of Sass and Alex in Rachel Hickman’s book titled One Silver Summer. But seriously, this was the perfect book to read this weekend during the Royal Wedding!


One Silver Summer was a book that I definitely enjoyed. It did very much follow the predictable plot line of a romance novel. First, the boy and the girl met. The initially did not like each other, but chemistry erupted between the two of them. They then both fell in love, and happiness like never before surrounds the couple. Naturally, both of them had huge secrets they each were trying to hide.

Once the secrets become known, they threaten to tear the new love apart. Finally, the couple must decide if they will fight to stay together or if their love will crumble to their circumstances. Basically, this book follows the same plot line of so many other romance novels, and it definitely follows the same plot line of every Hallmark movie ever made.


One Silver Summer absolutely followed in this predictable "Hallmark Movie" plotline. However, I love Hallmark movies, so the predictableness of this novel did not bother me at all. I actually enjoyed being able to just sit down and read a cute romance about a Prince finding his love. What can I say? The Royal Wedding totally had me hooked this weekend. It, of course, was going to influence my weekend reading choices.

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