Do you like penguins and friends? If you do, you must read the book called One Cool Friend by Toni Buzzeo. This book is cute and has cool pictures.


Elliot is a very proper young man with a kind heart. He always wears tuxedos and makes sure he is handsome in public. Elliot really needs a friend. He’s been stuck with his stuffed animals as his friends for his whole life. Elliot goes to the aquarium in search of a friend. The friend he finds is a penguin.


In this book’s pictures, every page is black and white. I think the reason for this is because penguins are black and white, and Elliot always wears black and white tuxedos. Black and white colors stand for the penguin’s and Elliot’s friendship.


There is a big surprise at the end. Elliot is letting the penguin in the bath for a swim but his dad wants to take a bath. When he gets in there, he finds Elliot’s penguin and gets mad. But Elliot says he shouldn’t be mad because Elliot knows that his dad is also hiding something...


As you can see, this book is a really cute book for little kids. I would recommend this book to kids ages five and under who need a good friend. Read to find out the big surprise. Now, are you going to read this book?

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