Blurting is a problem parents and teacher see in children all the time. Often times though, it becomes a fight to try to get the talkative child to be aware of their inappropriate talking choices. I fully believe that books are amazing tools that help teach children how to act in different social situations in both a safe and supportive manner.


My Words Roar!, by Mary Di Palermo, is a creative book that helps teach those talkative children when it is appropriate to talk and how to help keep those pesky blurts from roaring out.


My Words Roar! tells the story of a little boy that struggles with blurting. Through most of the story, the little boy is in many different situations and settings. At all of these settings, his blurting and inappropriate talking choices negatively affect those around him. To help the little boy learn appropriate talking, his mom teaches him the KISS strategy (Keep It Silent Sweetie.)


As the story follows the little boy, he tries his best to implement the KISS strategy. At first, he really struggles to remember to control his blurts. But after seeing how sadly his blurts are making those around him feel, he makes the choice to try his best and implement the KISS strategy. By the end of the story, the little boy has changed his blurting habits.


I thought the book was well-written, and it absolutely achieves what it sent out to do. The purpose of this book is to help younger students understand how their blurting affects those around them. It also stresses the importance of kids trying to control their talking in order to make sure everyone is heard and everyone can learn.


Additionally, the book does a great job of stressing when children need to speak out. Yes, it does teach the KISS strategy, but it also gives examples of when words need to roar. For example, the book mentioned that words need to roar when a sibling is hurt or when a bathtub is overflowing.


There are also great tips for helping kids know when it is important to speak up in the back of the book for adults to utilize when reading this book to their child.


The structure of the book is 100% directed towards younger elementary and preschool-aged students. The dinosaur theme and simple text structure will fit the needs of these age-groups perfectly.


However, I would not be afraid to pull this out for an upper elementary class as well. I know that I have fourth-graders in my class that needs to be reminded that words roar and there is appropriate and not appropriate times to talk. 





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