After actress Kathryn Hahn had her daughter, she became flooded with words of wisdom she wished to pass on to her child. Instead of just sharing them with her daughter, Kathryn was driven to write a children's book to share her ideas of growing up to girls all over the world.


Through her story, Kathryn voices what she has learned about what it is like to be a young girl growing up and passes on her adult wisdom to the young girls following in her footsteps.


My Wish for You is the result of the combination of Kathryn’s words of wisdom for young girls.  Each page encourages young girls today to stand tall, be proud of themselves, and let their feelings flow.


What I loved about the story is that some of the words of wisdom were predictable but some of them were fun and clearly straight from the mind of Kathryn. I felt this touch really made this book something special.


On top of the beautiful words in the story, My Wish for You was perfectly illustrated by Brigette Barr.


The pictures are vibrant and so charismatic. I see these pictures absolutely resonating with the young girls Kathryn is writing too. Without a doubt, the product of this story is something that Kathryn should be proud of.


She made herself and her daughter proud of the collection of wise words she designed for her story. I will be sharing this story with my daughter!

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