I didn’t love Make Believe Idea’s baby book titled, Do You Believe in Groovicorns, but I absolutely adored Make Believe Idea’s baby book titled Mr. Snail’s Counting Trails. There are so much ingenious learning opportunities built into every page of this book. It’s perfect!


For starters, Mr. Snail’s Counting Trails is a counting book. It does primarily focus on the skill of counting from 1 to 10. However, the poetry–based text describes the numbers in a manner of how the young child will form each letter when writing them. On top of it, there is a trace-based marker in the text for the young child to practice the writing as they read the text. Within each page, there is a riddle for the child to solve based on what number page they are currently reading.


Mr. Snail’s Counting Trails packs in a ton of number-learning opportunities. But, it also does so in a way where the story still has a plot line. The idea of baby books having a plot is huge for me as a reader, mother, and teacher. Just because the books are written for babies, does not mean they need to lack the very substance that makes a story in the first place. Books need plots. In my opinion, baby books need plots.


Thank goodness, Mr. Snail’s Counting Trails has a plot! In this case, the plot is about a snail mail keeper that is delivering mail to all of his neighbors while at the same time teaching numbers. I loved this book, and I would highly recommend it for any young reader’s library.

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