If you have a little reader that doesn't like to sit still for books, then There's a Monster in Your Book is for you. It is short, it is engaging, and it is interactive! Every page of this book will keep the focus of your little reader.


They will not only get to read along with you as you read, but they will also get to play along. For wiggly-littles, that is the key to getting them to even make it through a book!

There's a Monster in Your Book is a story of your young reader finding a monster in the exact book that they are reading. No worries, the monster is super cute. But none-the-less, there shouldn't be a monster in any book. 

So enter in your little reader. On each page, the narrator of the story will ask your children to shake, blow, and scare their monster out of the story. 

After successfully getting the monster of the book, the narrator will walk your reader by encouraging the monster to come back to the book and curl up to go to sleep for the night. This will give you are a great opportunity to do the same for your own wiggly monster. 


There isn't a ton of plot to this story, but for wiggly little ones that is not the point. The goal of this story is to be a short, fun interactive book that will keep any reader engaged until the very end. 

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