Is it a nonfiction book? Is it a graphic novel? Is it a laugh-out-loud book for young readers? Yes, yes, and yes!


Misunderstood Shark by Ame Dyckman breaks a ton of “typical-book” barriers and the result is a fun, colorful, and educational book that readers will surely devour!


The premise of Misunderstood Shark is built around several marine animals and fish holding a talk show-like event. The guest of honor on the show today is a SHARK!


Through every twist and turn of the book, you are sure the shark is about to eat up everyone in sight. But, time-after-time, shark manages to control his predatory instincts in order to allow the show to continue.




I would consider this book to be mostly a graphic-novel picture book. The illustrations are incredibly vibrant and cartoon-like. Audiences of all ages will enjoy the juxtaposition between the text and the illustrations. Not to mention, all readers will adore the creative turns that are available on every page within this text.


Intertwined throughout the entire story is a mix of "fun facts." The fun-facts add a great nonfiction element to the story. It allows real-life facts to fully support the plot of the story. I absolutely love that idea, and I know the readers will love and remember the facts that are present in the story. 

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