How would you feel if you just moved to a new town? Peanut Butter just moved to a new town and is trying to make friends. This is sort of what happened in the book, Milk Goes to School. Milk just moved to a new school and is trying to make new friends. I loved Peanut Butter and Cupcake, by Terry Border, because it tells a story of how a few pieces of bread makes friends.


In the text, Peanut butter and Cupcake, the author has a lot of opportunities to see how a new kid is trying to make friends. The thought I have about this is the author wrote this book for kids that are new and trying to find friends. To add on, the author put this book in a food form of the book and made it funny and cute. In my opinion, the author did this because he wanted people to have friends if they are new.


The character of Peanut Butter is determined. An example of this is when he is trying to make friends after someone says no he keeps trying again and again and never gives up. The important thing about this is Peanut Butter did not give up and kept trying to get a friend until he finds a true friend. This shows that he is willing to keep trying and not give up. This connects to real life because the author teaches new kids with no friends to not give up but to keep trying. As I say this, I am realizing that this book shows how real life kids, not food can make friends but not giving up but by trying.

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