You cannot have a character in your story named Mango Delight without her being just absolutely delightful!

Mango Delight is entering the seventh-grade. She thinks this year will be a breeze. After all, Mango has her best friend, Brooklyn by her side, or at least she thought she did.

Trouble hits Mango's new school year the moment her best friend gets a cell phone. Brooklyn and her phone are now part of the cool club that phone-less Mango is not a part of. Her best friend, Brooklyn, is now part of the popular group and school and Mango is left to navigate the confusing world of middle school alone.


The drama between Mango and Brooklyn hits an all-time high when Mango accidentally breaks Brooklyn’s new phone. In retaliation, Brooklyn sneakily signs up Mango to audition for the school musical.


Mango decides to prove Brooklyn wrong by going through with the audition, and she kills it! To Brooklyn’s, Mango’s, and the whole school’s surprise, Mango lands the lead in the school’s musical.


Mango Delight is a really relatable story for middle school. All students, boys, and girls, deal with friend issues and mean classmates. This makes Mango Delight both a relatable character and a relatable story. I believe lots of students will see themselves in Mango’s story.

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