Families tend to all have their quirks, and the Lottery Family is definitely not exempt from this statement. They are quirky from the formation of their unique and diverse family. Named after the Lottery winnings they won, the Lottery family composes of two sets of parents. Papa Dum is with PopCorn, and Maxi Mum and Carda Mom are together. The two sets of partners decided to buy a huge home with their lottery winnings and they fill it up with kids that the couples all adopted together. And naturally, the kids are all named after types of trees, because why not?!?


I’ll be honest, it took me awhile to get into the groove of this story. There is just so much going on with all the relationships and kiddos everywhere. The beginning of the story I think was designed to reflect the chaos of daily life within the Lottery family. A chaos that I feel is very reflective of modern day families. My husband and I only have one child currently, but even then chaos finds us. I can only imagine the daily chaos when you have four parents, seven kids, and multiple animals under one roof. Oh yeah, and then why don’t you add a bitter old grandfather to the mix. Doesn’t that sound like a great idea for a story? Voila! Enter the title of The Lotterys Plus One.


Once “Grumps”, aka the grumpy grandfather comes to live with the Lotterys. Chaos increases, especially for a middle child, Sumac. Sumac just can’t handle all the grumpiness and changes that Grumps is bringing into the Lottery family, and she brings it upon herself to get rid of him for good.


This story is really endearing. Although it is very chaotic at times, you find the message of the story ringing through. The theme centers around the interchangeable, and always moldable, definition of a modern-day family. A family is created by those we choose to love. 


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