Do you ever wonder what dogs do when they are off of their leashes? I read the book Loose Leashes, and I loved it! The book is by Amy and Ron Schmidt.


The book has poems. It's a different book format, and that's what I like about it. All of the pages have a poem that goes with the picture it has on it. The poems also rhyme to make it sound funny or dramatic. Each of the poems matches what the dog is wearing, like a lumberjack or a swimmer. The poems are not that long either. They are usually only five little sentences.


There's something about the pictures that make this book ten times better. The dogs are dressed up based on how or what they’re doing. So if the poem is about a smart dog, it will show a dog that has glasses on and is sitting on books. They catch the dogs when the poem is matching how the look. If it’s not liking something, they make it so the dogs look mean. Each dog is holding a prop for their costume. For example, one dog is a surfer, so he has a surfboard.


I just love their costumes! Whatever the poem is telling about, the dog has a perfect costume of what the poem is talking about. Based on what the poem is talking about, they also put the dogs in the perfect setting. They take the pictures at the exact time they look the best. They put the right dog for the picture. For example, when they talked about the smart dog, the dog was tall and smart looking.


If you have a young kid, you should buy this book. You could read it or maybe they could. Amy and Ron Schmidt made this book incredible.

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