Did you know that there is no rule about a lion being in a library?


The character in Library Lion, by Michelle Knudsen, figured that out quickly when he came into the library one day. He wasn't disturbing anyone, so Mrs. Merriweather, the head librarian, told her staff to let him be. She reminded them that there are no rules against lions in a library.


Did you know that there also is no rule against a lion joining story time at the library?


The staff learned quickly that their new lion friend could join them and the children during storytime. He sat quietly next to the children and listened to story after story from the reader. When storytime was over, and all the children started to leave, the lion didn't understand that storytime was over.  Finally, a little girl told him that storytime was  Unable to control his sadness, the lion let out a large roar!


We all know that there is a rule about being loud in the library!


Lion learns his lesson about roaring in the library. He is scolded by the head librarian, Mrs. Merriweather. However, he quickly learns his listen and becomes a model reader in the library in the days to days to follow.


Quickly, he becomes beloved by everyone. He helps around the library, dusts the bookshelves, and becomes the best resting pillow for all the children at storytime.


But remember, there is a rule about being loud in the library!


Trouble finds our favorite lion again one day. It all happens when Mrs. Merriweather was reaching high onto the shelves and she fell and hurt herself. Panicked, the lion roars and runs through the library.


Immediately, he was scolded and sent away by the other librarians in the building. It wasn't until later that they realize his reasoning for breaking the cardinal library rule, but it is too late. Library Lion is gone, and he is nowhere to be found.


I really enjoyed Library Lion. It is a beautifully written and illustrated story. It is not one that I see children gravitating on their own, but it is one that I think parents and teachers should be putting in front of the kids in their lives. It is a great story, and it is packed full of one great message.

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