During my days in middle school, I was a huge Babysitter’s Club fan! I read all the books, including the Little Sister’s series. I even owned the movie! It was absolutely terrible, but I wore that old VHS tape out! I was obsessed with this amazing club of best friends that created a booming babysitting empire.


I so wanted to be one of them until I realized that many of my friends hated babysitting. My dreams of having my own club were crushed but at least I could live vicariously through the lives of Kristy, Stacie, Claudia, Mary-Ann, and Malory.


When I saw that they were bringing back the Babysitter’s Club series, I was ecstatic! I couldn't wait to get my hands on the updated version of my childhood favorites. (Sad to know that I was 30 when this all went down, but no judgment in book world!)


The moment I picked up the first book in the series and saw how brightly illustrated and modern it looked, I knew my beloved series was officially back on top! 


The decision to turn the Babysitter’s Club into a graphic novel series was just absolutely brilliant and revolutionary. It has been years since I have seen any of my students carrying around one of my beloved Babysitter’s Club books.


Now, they all are reading them. Boys and girls alike cannot get enough of the Babysitter’s Club Graphic Novel Series! I literally cannot keep these books on my bookshelf in my classroom


Kristy’s Big Day is the sixth book in the Graphix series of Babysitter’s Club. This one is was illustrated and adapted from Ann M. Martin’s original book by Gail Galligan. Gail Galligan is the second illustrator who has worked on the Babysitter’s Club Graphix series. The original illustrator was Raina Telgemeier.


Kristy’s Big Day tells the story of Kristy and her family preparing for her mom’s marriage to Watson. Due to unforeseen circumstances, the wedding has to take place in a manner of weeks. Kristy’s mom is panicked and in desperate need of help. Enter in the Babysitter’s Club. 


The Babysitter’s Club agrees to help to babysit all the kids that are in town for the wedding. How many kids are we talking about? That number would be 13 kids that our favorite babysitters need to take care of for an entire week. Naturally, with that many kids and a big wedding happening, this get chaotic!


I absolutely recommend any book in this series. The idea to revitalize this beloved series was just amazing! Any upper elementary to an adult reader would enjoy the new Babysitter's Club Graphix series!

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