Islandborn and Lola are two stories with separate names, but they are the same, and they are amazing!  Author, Junot Diaz, designed this pair of books brilliantly. Islandborn and Lola are the exact same story. The difference between the two is that Islandborn is the English version of the story, and Lola is the Spanish version of the story.


The story of Islandborn follows a young immigrant girl named Lola. The story starts with Lola at school. Lola and her classmates have been given an assignment to illustrate the countries that their families emigrated from. A task that sounds simple turns out to be a challenge for Lola. Lola was little when her family traveled to America, and she doesn’t remember the island she came from.


In order to complete her assignment, Lola sets off seeking the help of others from her same island. As she travels from person-to-person, Lola’s illustration of her island changes and develops as each person she speaks to adds a different, colorful addition to her assignment.


I loved the story of Islandborn. I thought the message of family and home shined through the story. I loved how the island was never specifically named. This allows the story to be transformed to any island of those that read the story. It allows Lola’s story to be the story of many other immigrants that share in her same experiences.

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