As a parent, there is no amount of time that is long enough to love your child. Second and minutes fly by in a blink, but seasons and years seem to breeze by just as quickly. Time is constantly rolling along, and you just want to grab on to any possible moment with your babies.


I’ll Love You Always by Mark Sperring is a sweet story that highlights this reality. With Sperring’s simple words and Alison Brown's whimsical pictures, I'll Love You Always is a kind-hearted story that would be a great addition to any early reader's library. 


I’ll Love You Always tells the story of a parent mouse and a child mouse. The little mouse has asked its parent how long he or she will love them. The parent goes into a beautiful, poetic story of how minutes, seconds, hours, days, and years will all be too short for a parent to love its child. A love of a parent is always, and always never ends.

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