I have been a big fan of Jean Reagan’s “How-To” Series since her first book, How to Babysit Grandpa. Although each of the books is cute and fun in its own way, the books have definitely started to become a very predictable series in my book. 

How to Get Your Teacher Ready was predictable and cute. It focuses on a class of students helping their teacher understand everything that goes with school. The book starts off with the class helping their teacher through her first day of school, lunch routines, principal reviews, field days, and everything else to do with the school year.

How to Get Your Teacher Ready is my least favorite in Jean Reagan’s "How-To" Series. I really wanted the book to be a book that I could utilize on my first day of school, and it just doesn’t fit that need for me. I wanted the book to focus on helping a teacher prepare for school and overcome her first day nerves, and the first day of school was only addressed on the first couple of pages.


Although the book fits the “How-To” series, it just really missed the opportunity to be an awesome book for teachers to utilize during that pivotal back to school time. I wanted the book to be packed full of the laugh-out-loud and tender moments, like there were in How to Babysit Grandpa, and what I got was “eh.”

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