Bad experiences can teach. They can teach you more about the world and yourself. They can show you your true strength and reveal things you didn't see before. They can open locked doors and show you the inside so you can learn more.In the book, Hold Fast by Blue Balliett, Early’s father is missing and bad thing after bad thing is happening. But, when it’s all over, she will know more about herself and the world.


During these hard times Early has a brilliant idea. She sees something and thinks they could be changed into something else (read the book to find out what her idea really was).This idea would have not came to her if, she was not in these hard times.


Early had always been learning about patterns and rhythms from her dad. But if she did not go through these hard times, she wouldn’t have learned as much as she did at the end of these hard times.


After these hard times, Early is much more observant and pondering. She was before but during the story, you can see her become slowly more and more observant and pondering. By the end of the story, she is much much more observant and pondering.


Bad experiences can teach you good things. I know this because it is true that bad experiences can change you. This makes me think bad experiences can teach you good things. 

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