If you are looking for a novel that keeps you on the edge of your seat, Gorilla Dawn by Gill Lewis is for you.


Gorilla Dawn tells the story of a baby gorilla that has been kidnapped from his family by rebel soldiers that are running rabid deep in the jungle. These rebels are violent, evil, and on a mission to dig up valuable minerals from the jungle.


They will destroy anyone and everyone in their pathways. When a high-powered client requests a baby gorilla, nothing will stop them from securing the animal. Except maybe, two young teenagers.


Imara and Bobo are two unlikely allies whose paths have been thrown together.


Bobo is a young local on the search to find his missing father. Imara is the rebel’s spirit child who was kidnapped and forced to follow the rebels on their plummeting of village-after-village.


Both Imara and Bobo are alone in their journeys but they must join together if they are to have any hope of saving the young gorilla.


Gorilla Dawn is a very realistically written story. Although it is not graphic, it is intense. The content is intense and the actions of the rebels are aligned to the realities that do happen with rebel soldiers around the world.


High readers will be able to read through the lines and understand the violent actions that are being referenced and alluded to within the text. I would absolutely make sure that the reader of this story is able to hand the content.

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