I love this mythology book! It is engaging. It is organized beautifully, and the inclusion of mythological characters from all over the world is something that truly sets it apart from other mythology books that I have read before.

Korwin Briggs has created something so magical that I am so excited to pass on the amazing news about this high-interest mythology book!

At almost 300 pages, Gods and Heroes: Mythology Around the World is packed full of mythological figures from over 20 places around the world. This is so special. In most mythological books that I come across, the focus always seems to center around Greek and Roman gods and goddesses.


This book has those famous mythological faces that are so well-known.  But on top of that it also is introducing you to lesser known, but equally interesting, mythological gods, goddesses, and heroes from other places around the world.

Korwin Brigg’s comic background shines through this mythology book. The illustrations are all cartoon-based, and they are just fantastic. My 4th graders love this book because the illustrations totally cater to their obsession with all things graphic novels!

If you are in the market for a great book about Gods, Goddesses, and Heroes from all over the world, then you have to add Korwin Brigg’s book to your mythology library!

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