How would you feel if your teacher accidentally gave you a dream letter that your sister wrote when she was younger instead of the one that you wrote? Now, complicate this idea. The dream letter was actually written by your sister who just recently drowned in your town’s lake. Tough, right. This is exactly what Amelia Peabody must try to process. Not only is she mourning the tragic loss of her sister and the naturally difficult process of growing up from a child to a teenager, Amelia now must try to navigate what it means to have received a list of her sister’s dreams. Dreams that clearly Amelia’s sister will never now get to complete.


What does Amelia Peabody do? She sets off to complete her sister’s list of dreams. These dreams including asking her sister’s crush on a date, completing the ultimate town prank, and throwing a huge party at the exact location of her sister tragic death. K.A. Holt’s book, From You to Me, is an endearing story of overcoming tragedy. It shows just how much resilience a child can have when it comes to the roller coaster moments that life throws at everyone. Although the book did end in a predictable fashion, it ended exactly the way I needed it to. It ended with the continuation of life after an unexplained tragedy.

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