The Friendship Lie, by Rebecca Donnelly, tells the story of two best friends, Cora and Sybella. Core and Sybella have been inseparable since they were little. Their friendship is solid and enduring. At least, that's what Cora always thought it was like.


But life changes, and so do friendships. Cora knows that for a fact. Her parents are separated and now her mother is living halfway across the world.


Her life is in shambles and the seeming end of her friendship with Sybella is more than Cora can take. She wants her best friend back, but neither Cora or Sybella know what to do next.


The narrators in this story shift back and forth. As you read, you will have the opportunity to see the story from both Cora and Sybella's point of view. This allows both sides of the argument to be seen and understood. I think the choice to switch narrators allows readers to understand both viewpoints and characters' actions equally.


The one characteristic of this story that I would change is the hard push of environmentalism. Garbage and clean habits are key to this story, but it is almost overdone to a fault. In my opinion, the heart of the story is the relationship between Cora and Sybella. At times, the trash talk overpowers the key storyline, and I think that takes away from the real heart of the message. 

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