Frank and Bean, by Jamie Michalak, is a fun beginning chapter book for new readers!

Readers who love engaging characters and easy reads will without a doubt love getting to dive into this fun, new chapter book. 

From the beginning, your young readers will fall in love with the characters, Frank (the hotdog) and Bean (the Baked Bean).


They are hysterical, and throughout the whole text, readers will find themselves laughing aloud at the antics these two find themselves deep within. 


Frank and Bean become quick acquaintances when they find themselves camping next to each other. Frank is calm and is looking for organization and quiet to complete some of his writing. 


Bean, however, is not even close to the same as Frank. He is loud, wild, and impulsive.


Naturally, the two do not hit it off. Bean wishes Frank would loosen up and join the fun. While Frank finds himself continually annoyed by Bean's continual need for constant noise and motion. 


Things come to a head at the end of the story! Finally, through the use of both their talents, Frank and Bean come up with a way they both can work together.


The result... a friendship that both Frank and Bean (as well as their readers) will never forget! 


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