If you have younger kids, then you should make them read Fox. I think Margaret Wild  and Ron Brooks did an amazing job.


I see the character Magpie as overprotective of herself. In the text, she yells at Dog for making her not be able to fly. The thought I have about this is that Magpie should be super happy that the dog saved her because any other dog would’ve killed her. In the text, it says that Dog was helping and saving her, and Dog never tries to even attempt to eat Magpie. As I say this, I’m realizing that it’s super surprising because most dogs would eat and kill birds but not this dog.


In the text, Dog doesn’t even try to attempt to eat or roll over Magpie. This is important to the story because a little later in the story they become best friends. In the text, Magpie gets on Dog’s back and Magpie pretends to be flying. This is an example for kids when they get into fights that they need to forgive each other and be friends again. In the book, after Magpie yells at Dog for making her not to be able to fly anymore, Dog lets Magpie go on his back and pretend like Magpie is flying and they both forgive each other for what they did and now they are best friends.


The message of this story is to make kids forgive each other. I think this because in the text Magpie yells at Dog for saving her but later they forgive each other. Dog tries to tell Magpie thats its ok just because she cant fly because Dog can’t see. This will influence kids to do the same because if animals are  forgiving each other and having fun kids will do the same

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