The iconic song, Footloose, has gotten a children’s literature make-over! In the children’s book, Footloose, by Kenny Loggins, the animals of the jungle are having an epic dance party.

The classic song-lyrics are all still there! But this time, the song lyrics are mixed with Tim Bowers’s vibrant and bright animal illustration. The animals are illustrated in the best dance attire and they fully embody the jubilation of all things Footloose.


I liked the concept of the book, Footloose. However, I really struggled to read this book aloud to my daughter. I sadly only slightly know the chorus of the book, so my read of the book was rough!


I tried so hard to read the book to the rhythm of the story, but I was met with the roar of my husband’s laughter. He thought my rendition of Footloose with just plain down awful. I would fully agree!


Plan B for me was YouTube! I played the song for my daughter and just flipped the pages of the story as we did our second reading of the text. She loved it!


If you are a fan of the Footloose song, then you will enjoy this story. If you are like I am, and you are not a Footloose expert, I would leave the singing to YouTube!

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