"To be isolated means to not push forward when life gets tough, growing weaker and weaker. But to be bold means to expand your mind and your heart to build more strength to defend your friends and your family."


This means that when you defend someone, the person who wants the person you’re defending will change because they know you will defend him/her, even if that someone is a squirrel.


In the book, Flora And Ulysses, by Kate DiCamillo, illustrated by K.G. Campbell, Flora Belle Buckman was facing isolation with her mother, Phyllis.


Flora had ignored her mother, and her mother had ignored Flora. When Flora meets Ulysses, a squirrel sucked up by a vacuum cleaner, she becomes bold. She defends her squirrel and her mother changes because Flora loves Ulysses, so Flora mother is jealous. Here are some reasons that show  that Flora is bold.


The first reason why Flora is bold is because she brought Ulysses in the house without her mother even knowing. This is on page 28. She didn’t tell her mother that she had an unknown squirrel in her arms, so she didn’t see her mother throwing it and putting it out of his misery. 


The second reason why Flora is bold is because she didn’t tell her mother that Ulysses typed those words. She just said it wasn’t her and walked away. This is on page 44 and 45.


The words that Ulysses typed up are: "Squirtel! I am. Ulysses. Born anew. That part completely surprised and over- whelmed me, like it did to Flora. I have seen words typed up by a squirrel!"


The last reason why Flora is bold is because she defended Ulysses when her mother wanted Flora’s father to kill Ulysses. But Flora and her father said, “NO!” and so her mother is angry because she wants her daughter Flora to be normal like everyone else. But Flora and Ulysses cannot be like everyone else. They are different. This is on page 149, 202, and 203. Flora loved Ulysses as much as her mother loved Mary Ann, Flora’s mother’s lamp that looked like a little shepherdess.


Flora’s actions were stupendous. We should all be like her, defending someone, anyone. Flora’s bravery should inspire us all. This shows that we should all have the bravery to do amazing things. In conclusion, people should read this book because it teaches us to be bold and fearless. This book is absolutely great for 3rd Grade to 5th Grade. 

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