A mama duck’s eggs are hatching! She cannot wait to have her babies join her. But there is a huge surprise in store, one of the eggs turns out to not be a new baby duckling, but instead, it is a new baby…. DINOSAUR!


Kallie George’s new series, Duck, Duck Dinosaur, is a major win for young readers. It is fun, sweet, and it embraces that idea that families are who you love, even if they are clearly not biologically yours.

I may be going deeper than most when reading this book. However, as an adoptive mother myself, I love the beautiful portrait that this book paints of families. I constantly love bringing books home that shows different images of families and how love is beyond just looking like everyone else in your family.


While I was reading this book, I was really reminded of Kelly Dipucchio’s book, Gaston. The story of Gaston takes on the same idea of families being different. But in Gaston, a dinosaur isn’t in the “wrong” family. Instead, confusion occurs when two puppy mothers accidentally get their babies switched. Love doesn’t know boundaries, and why not have that present in our children’s literature! Yeah, Kelly Dipuccchio and Kallie George!


P.S. A major shout out to illustrator Oriol Vidal in the Duck, Duck Dinosaur series. The pictures are vibrant, colorful, and so engaging for young readers.


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