When I saw the book, Dream You’ll Be, on the Scholastic Book Club website, I instantly added it to my shopping cart. With a title like Dream You’ll Be, I just knew it was going to have a kind-hearted and gentle message for even the youngest readers.


First of all, when I got this book in the main, I instantly was drawn to the illustrations. The illustrations throughout this entire book are just beautiful and super kid-friendly.  On every other page, you will notice that the two main children, one little boy, and one little girl, take turns imagining themselves in different careers. It is clear that the characters are dreaming of all the amazing possibilities that the future may hold for them.


I love how the book swaps between a little boy and a little girl character, and I especially love how the children are not always in the stereotypical gender-based careers. For example, the little girl is depicted as the soccer player while the little boy is drawn as the dancer. This absolutely makes the put rise up on the list for me. Both girls and boys can be whatever they want to be, and I love when a children’s book communicates that exact message!

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