Do you guys love tacos?  Well, I do! Today, I am going to be talking tacos. The book, Dragons Love Tacos,  is recommended for ages 4-9. I pick these ages because its is an easy read. I read it in like 5 minutes, no joke.


My favorite part in Dragons Love Tacos was where they have the taco party.   I thought this idea was really funny because the dragons just went crazy everywhere. But don’t worry, they weren’t doing it on purpose. It was just because of the spicy salsa!


I think the theme of the story is that we can all love. different kinds of food. There is spicy or not spicy foods. Dragons love tacos. But remember, the spicer peppers make their fire go!


This book is similar to the book Penguin Gets the Hiccups because if the penguin eats chili that’s too spicy.  He gets the hiccups and if dragons eat spicy tacos, they get sick.


The lesson of the book is to never give a dragon a spicy taco. It's very funny because when dragons eat spicy tacos steam comes out of their ears and fire comes out of their mouths. Read to find out what happens next.

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