In the book, Dragon Rider, by Cornelia Funke, it talks about how important it is to stand up for a friend. It is important to be helpful and stand up for your friend. But if you are going to stand up for them, then you can’t be afraid of the bully also.


You have to actually stand up for them and fight whether it is physically or with words. You have to help them because if you are trying to help your friend and be nice. Then, you can’t just sit there and do nothing while your friend is trying to stand up for themselves. Last time, I checked that does not count as being a good friend.


Adventure, adventure is a really big part in this book. Mostly because the whole time Firedrake, Ben, and Sorrel are always on the move. They are trying to get to the rim of Heaven.


I think that this book would easily fit in the adventure genre the reason. I think this is because they are always on the move and trying to stay hidden as well. Plus, it is a big, big, big, adventure. It is not too easy to fly around the world and stay hidden.


Another genre that would fit this book is fantasy because there are so many mythical creatures in this book. There are dragons, four armed cats(they are called brownies in the book), and all sorts of stuff. I don’t know about you, but I think that fantasy would definitely work for this book


I talked about this a little bit in the paragraph before this but there is pretty much only mythical creatures in this book. I mean there is only four humans that you actually get to know. The rest are mythical creatures. 

In my opinion, I would recommend this book for 4th-8th because this book is very very long. I’m pretty sure that it is 523 pages long.


The second reason is that it will kinda hard for anyone under that age to understand what is going on.


The third reason is that this book is very hard to read and I don't know if anyone under this age would be able to read it.


Now that you’ve read my book review, I have to ask you a question. Are you going to read this book or what?




Well then, go get it and start reading!   

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