Unicorns seem to always get all the attention. But what about their sparkle-counter partners… the Groovicorns? Make Believe Ideas challenges the boringness of all things unicorn, and their unwarranted popularity, in order to bring light to the unending sequins and to the uniqueness of Groovicorns.


There is not much plot to this story. There really cannot be when the entire book consists of five pages of text. But the plot is not the focus of this story, the sequins are. Make Believe Ideas jumps on the popular trend of the shifting sequins. Each page of this book, including the cover, have sequins that are one color but then can be shifted to another by the reader’s touch. My daughter picked out this book, and I can ensure you that she was not concerned over the book’s plot. She, like many other children, just wanted to play with the sequined illustrations on each page.


As for baby books, it is not a must-have in my book. But if you asked my daughter, Do You Believe In Groovicorns is the best book in the whole world. The Groovicorns have sparkled their way into my glitter-loving four-year-old. I only hope that she doesn’t learn of all the other sparkle-based stories out there in this new series!



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