Nikki is a dork. She is always getting into huge messes, such as getting what she wants as being cool and popular then she gets tired of it and just throws it all away. In the book, Dork Diaries Tales From a Not So Fabulous Life, by Rachel Renee Russell the main character Nikki has a lot of struggles. Nikki does not fit in. She is always trying to be in the CCP (cute,cool,popular) group.But she figures out that they are rude and snobby. I think Nikki is already cool in her own way she just doesn't know it.   


Rachel Renee Russell’s pictures are outstanding. They express all of the characters traits wonderfully. It makes everything funnier and makes the  whole story make more sense. For example, during the story Nikki and her friends, Chloe and Zoey, had to make up a classical dance for PE. They didn’t have enough time to make one so they had to make it up as they went. It looked terrible, so Rachel Renee Russell drew a picture with Nikki,Chloe and Zoey on the floor getting crushed by a big D-.


Rachel Renee Russell also made a very big theme in the story. The theme is that  you don’t always have to fit in. You don’t have to be cool and rude. Instead, you can be yourself and be kind. Nikki learned that lesson really well and fulfilled it.


One thing that is fun to look for at the end of every book in the series is that in the back on the last page Nikki always says “I am such a dork”. This small detail by the author is  just something that connects with the title and Nikki’s character to.


Dork Diaries Tales From a Not So Fabulous Life by Rachel Renee Russell is a great book for 4th graders to 6th grader. The reason I would recommend it for that grade group is because the book is about Nikki, the main character, trying to get through sixth grade.


In the book, she is trying to get through the first two months and deciding if it is better to be fitting in or better to be not fitting in. Also, all the struggles Nikki goes through would be better for older kids.  To read about some more disasters that Nikki gets into read, Dork Diaries Tales from a Not So Fabulous Life.

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