No one can resist that one button. You know the one. The one that we are all dying to touch but are under strict directions to not go near.


As we all know, that idea never seems to turn out in our favor, and naturally, the temptation becomes just too much. The button is always touched before it is supposed to be, and that is exactly what happens in this story.


Every time the button is touched by the main character, a holiday-themed change happens to the character's body. The little ones will think this is hilarious, but parents will see right through it.


I thought the idea for this book was cute, but I wish there was more added to the final execution and publication of this story. I get so frustrated by books that attempt to be interactive but then don't actually have an interactive piece in the story. 


In my total opinion, if your story is going to have a title called Don't Push the Button!, then you should absolutely have a real button in the story. Instead, this story had just an illustration of a button. 


I say add a real button!


Go even further and add some touch and feel interaction in the story as well. This book is for babies and toddlers. The best way to get those little ones involved with a book is to actually have things for their fingers to touch and explore. 

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