Poetry books are often hard for students. Any time I mention that we are going to read a poetry book, I am met with groans from my students. But I promise you, no groans will be happening with this poetry book! Check out Dear Dragon by Josh Funk in order to foster a love for poetry within your young readers!


Dear Dragon is a poetry book that tells the story of how two secret pen pals become great friends. Little do either of the pen pals know, they are not even close to the same. One pen pal is a human, and another pen pal is actually a dragon.


Despite their differences, and despite their common hatred for all things writing, the two boys end up finding a new friendship that both of them have really started to cherish!


The format of this book is really fun. The entire book is written in poetry, but it is also written entirely as the letters between the two boys. You will see how their letters started very formally and awkwardly.


The coolest thing is that you will be able to witness their budding friendship as the story continues throughout the changes in their letters.

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