Children always get excited for Christmas. The lights, the tree, and don't forget all the presents.


In The Broken Ornament, by Tony DiTerlizzi, Jack is crazy excited for the upcoming holiday. As he is decorating the tree, he keeps telling his parents that they have to make Christmas more. He wants more lights, more decorations, and more ornaments! He wants MORE!


To aid in his efforts to make Christmas bigger and better, Jack decides to add one more ornament to the Christmas tree against his mother's wishes and pleas to not touch it.  


Naturally, Jack efforts to make Christmas more ends up with the shattering of his mom's fragile ornament. With his mother flee to her bedroom in tears, it is up to Jack to try to figure out how to make Christmas bigger and better for everyone.


A magical fairy comes to grant Jack wishes for more and more to be added to his Christmas celebration. 


But all soon comes to a halt once Jack sees a small, forgotten picture of his mother and her grandmother tucked deep within the pieces of that little, broken ornament.


With this picture, Jack knows that it is up to himself to make Christmas special. 


The Broken Ornament is a cute story about how often the hustle-and-bustle of the holiday tends to overshadow what is truly important about this special time of year.


Through Jack's journey, you and your little reader will be able to witness how one little boy was able to once again find the magic of the holidays. 

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