In the text, Black Belt Bunny, it isn't  Black Belt Bunny who is talking, it is the narrator. This caught my attention because most stories have the character talking. Black Belt Bunny doesn't talk once. The thought I have about this book is the theme is shown in different areas both Black Belt Bunny and the narrator have to use the theme. To add on, in the beginning, it gives a hint on what's going to happen in the end. In my opinion, the author does this on purpose because he wanted to show what it’s like in the end.


The author of  Black Belt Bunny is trying to make kids try something new. This shows that the theme is to try something new. This is giving me the idea that Black Belt Bunny after doing something different made other people try something different. On the other hand, it will most definitely make readers try something that they have never done before. The thought I have about this is the author did this on purpose so that everyone will go out of their comfort zone.


Black Belt Bunny is always excited. He is excited at the beginning and the end of the story. In the beginning, he is super excited because he has his own story. In the end, he is excited because he likes what he is asked to make. The author shows Black Belt Bunny because he wanted to teach his readers to be happy about trying new things. To emphasize this goal, he also makes the narrator try new things to make the readers try new things, such as having Black Belt Bunny try to make a salad. Kids could copy Black Belt Bunny by trying a different activity or go out of their comfort zone to have fun.


I would recommend the book, Black Belt Bunny, for 1st grade and under. This would be a great book for these ages because they are the ones that need to learn the importance of the theme

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