Davis's book, Black Belt Bunny, is so cute! It is about a little bunny who has his black belt in karate. Black Belt Bunny is fast, and he excels in all things chopping, blocking, and kicking. Black Belt Bunny can do anything except… make a salad?!?


Young readers will love this story. It is a quirky book, and Black Belt Bunny is a very loveable character. I see young readers, with endless energy themselves, really falling in love with the wild karate moves of Black Belt Bunny.


The most creative aspect that I have seen in Black Belt Bunny is the interaction between the narrator and Black Belt Bunny that happens throughout the entire story. The narrator and bunny interact back and forth to tell the story of the salad.


For example, the story starts off with the narrator asking Black Belt Bunny to come closer. Then, Black Belt Bunny continues to act out the story the narrator is telling him to do so. If the narrator tells Black Belt Bunny to jump, he jumps. If he tells Black Belt Bunny, to kick, he kicks. But in a fun turn of events, Black Belt Bunny does not want to make a salad when the narrator instructs him to do so.


This book would be a great fit for preschool-aged readers. The text is simple, and the plot will be silly and entertaining for these young readers. Plus, the illustrations are vibrant, and young readers will love the contrasting color on each page.

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