In this never-ending tale of friendship, entitled Beekle, we follow a friendly imaginary friend, Beekle. He has a yearning for friendship much like the character Dog, in the book Fox by Margaret Wild and Ron Brooks. In this tale of friendship, you will find deeper meanings inside for upper elementary grades. If you have ever had trouble with friends, you can really understand better and put yourself in the shoes of Beekle.


One day, Beekle was born on a imaginary friend land with lots of imaginary friends. Beekle had many friends on this land and he was very happy but soon all of his friends where being imagined and going away. In this book, I found myself stopping to look at the pictures for deeper meanings in the text. I did lots of inferring to figure out the deeper meanings.


The author has lots of author's craft throughout the book. The good illustrations will help you figure out what the author didn't tell you pretty easily. Beekle feels as if he can't live without a friend so he takes matters into his own hands! Read Beekle, by Dan Santat, to find out how he handles the situation and how he will get a friend.


After reading this marvelous book you will find yourself thinking back to times with friends because I definitely did. This empowering tale of friendship will  leave you feeling lucky for friends. I loved this book and so should you!

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