There are very few characters that rival Beverly Cleary’s beloved Ramona. I mean, she is just the quintessential children’s literature character. She has spunk, pizzazz, and a keen ability to always find trouble. Yes, Ramona has the hearts of so many readers!


Today’s generation has a new beloved character, Beatrice Zinker. And if Ramona and Beatrice were ever to meet, lots of fun and chaos would surely erupt for readers everywhere to devour!


In Beatrice Zinker’s debut novel, we meet a girl who sees the world upside down… literally. No matter what she does, she doesn’t seem to be able to follow the “right-side” up way of life. Everything normal seems to be a challenge for our “upside-down” thinker; however, creativity and spunk are traits that Beatrice has in overflowing amounts.


I love, love, love Shelley Johannes’s characterization of Beatrice Zinker. This character really is quirky in every way, and without a doubt, students and adults of all ages will fall in love with her adventures. With its simple text structure and within reach vocabulary, this book will be accessible for some of your lowest readers. Yet with the brilliant characterization and endless laughable moments, it is a book that will also be loved by even your highest readers. Throw in the orange and grey-scale illustrations, and you have the makings for a children’s literature mega-hit!

As a classroom teacher, I was easily able to picture a lot of my own “Beatrice-like” students that I have had throughout my teaching career. I saw so many past students' faces within Beatrice and all her wild shenanigans. In my opinion, I think students will flock to Beatrice Zinker, and I think this series has the ability to compete directly with the giant character of Ramona.





Beatrice Zinker Upside Down Thinker Incognito (Book 2 in the Series) will be debuting on September 18th, 2018! 

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