It is definitely not a secret that my students and I love all of Chris Grabenstein’s books. We have been flying through book after book, written by Grabenstein, this school year. My fourth graders just love his crazy characters and the endless chaotic shenanigans they find themselves mixed up in.


We started this school year with all things “I Funny” and “Lemoncello”, found our way to the Island of Dr. Libris, and we are now fully emerged in life at the Wonderland Hotel with funny guy, P.T.!  Thankfully, anytime we finish one of Chris Grabenstein’s book, or become totally immersed with some his crazy characters, he always seems to have another book on the verge of being published!


That is exactly the luck we had when we finished the second book in Chris Grabenstein’s Welcome to Wonderland series today at school. We won’t have to wait a minute to get started reading about P.T.’s next wild adventure.  The third book in this series, Welcome to Wonderland: Sandapalooza Shake Up just came out on May 22nd! But before we get excited about the third book in this series, let’s talk all about book two!


The second book in the Wonderland series is titled, Welcome to Wonderland: Beach Party Surf Monkey. Our main characters, P.T. Wilkie and Gloria have just solved a decades-old crime regarding missing diamonds, paid off the bank sharks regarding the loan on the motel, and they now are doing all they can to continue capitalizing on their newfound fame in order to bring more customers into their beloved Wonderland Motel.


In book two, we start right back up where we ended in Welcome to Wonderland: Home Sweet Motel. P.T. and his best friend Gloria are still doing everything they can to try to build a bright future for the Wonderland Motel. But the case of the missing diamonds can only take them so far, they need a new plan. They need more capital. However, this time the plan needs to involve more than luckily finding missing diamonds, this time their plan needs to be bigger. Naturally, P.T. has a wild idea, and it involves movie stars.


That’s right, the Wonderland Motel becomes the setting for a new teen movie. The Wonderland Motel quickly becomes full of movie stars, sets, casts members, media, and naturally a monkey! But things quickly go array very quickly! In true Wonderland style, the monkey goes missing, the male movie star won’t stop throwing fits, and the new mega-resort next door is doing everything they can to try to take over the Wonderland Motel.


Without a doubt, your students will love the second book in the Wonderland series. It was just as fun and as entertaining as the first book, and I have no doubt that book three will bring the same laughs. Bring on more Wonderland Motel adventures! Really, just bring on anything written by Chris Grabenstein, and my class and I will be on board.


Don't forget, this book is part of a series!


Book One: Welcome to Wonderland: Home Sweet Motel

Book Two: Welcome to Wonderland: Beach Party Surf Monkey

Book Three: Welcome to Wonderland: Sandapalooza Shake-Up 

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