There can never be enough books to help instill the value of kindness in our children. Be Kind by Pat Zietlow Miller is a welcomed addition to the mix of many other great children’s books.


In Be Kind, you meet a young girl named Tanisha. Tanisha is reminded of her mother’s words to always, “be kind,” when she sees a classmate spill grape juice all over herself during lunch. Through the mix of the laughs of other classmates, Tanisha ponders what exactly it means to be kind.


The story then launches into Tanisha’s mind as she looks for examples of being kind all around her. Should Tanisha have handed her classmate a napkin or offered her the extra sweatshirt she had? Should Tanisha play with the lonely child at recess or help pick up trash on the street? Should Tanisha make cookies for her lonely elderly neighbor or tell a friend that she likes their new shirt?


Through her journey to learn what it means to be kind, Tanisha explores the world around her and realizes that being kind can look different, yet amazing, in so many ways.


Be Kind will be added to my classroom library, and it will always be one that I read to my daughter. Kindness is a value that needs to be taught. Kids need to learn through examples, including through the examples of great children’s books, that kindness can be however they wish to show love and compassion to the people and world around them.


A review of Be Kind would not be complete without the mentioning of Jen Hill’s beautiful illustrations. The illustrations are soft and gentle, yet they are perfect for the message being presented in the text.

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