The Bad Seed, by Jory John, tells the story of a lone sunflower seed. All around him the seed is known as a Bad Seed. All the other seeds whisper as he walks by, and Bad Seed knows about it. He refuses to be on time, never waits his turn, and always, always does what he wants.


That all changes when one day, Bad Seed decides that he doesn’t want to be a bad seed anymore. Instead, he decides he would like to try being a good seed.


Slowly, he fixes his bad behavior and other seeds begin to notice. By the end of the story, Bad Seed has changed his ways and is now known as a new-and-improved seed.


The Bad Seed is a cute story. It has a simple message but it is fitting for the story's simple text and amplified illustrations. I would definitely utilize this story to teach theme within my classroom.


Young readers would be able to identify the main message and example changes within Bad Seed throughout the entire text. Therefore, it would absolutely be perfect book for teaching elementary students all about theme, message, and text evidence!


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