A big body becomes a big problem in the book, Back to School with Bigfoot by Samantha Berger. Bigfoot lives with humans now, and he has many problems, especially in school.


Bigfoot struggles because of his size. He can’t fit into any clothes. He can’t fit in his desk and whenever he tries to squeeze into the lunch table his food flies everywhere. The worst thing is people make fun of him.


Bigfoot does not want to go back to school because of what had happened the year before. One night, he dreams about all the fun things he could do at school. Bigfoot also realizes that he would really miss his friends.


The pictures that Dave Pressler drew are super detailed and amazing. They set the mood of the story. They are funny and go along with the text very well.


The book, Back to School with Bigfoot, was awesome. I would recommend it to kids K-5 who have a great sense of humor because they would laugh and have a lot of fun reading this book. I think Samantha Berger did a great job. Do you want to read the book now?  

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