Are you looking to introduce your baby to concepts such as electrical engineering, quantum mechanics, gravity, and aerospace engineering?

I mean, it can never be TOO  early to get your little Einstein or Einsteinette ready to dig into their future life of science exploration! So if this sounds right up your alley, I have an awesome series for you and your little one!

Baby Loves is a new series that focuses on introducing babies to difficult science concepts! So far, the series has published nine board books covering topics from electrical engineering, to quantum mechanics, to types of energy, and coding!

So far, I have read six different books from the Baby Loves series, and they are adorable! This series truly is designed to take these complex scientific concepts and manipulate them in a way that they can be both presented and understood by infants and toddlers!

My favorite part of this series was how they directly took on the academic vocabulary in every one of the books in this series. Instead of shying away from difficult terms, the book actually explains and illustrates the concepts in a many that little readers will be able to understand them.

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