All Rise for the Honorable Perry T. Cook or All Rise for the Honorable Leslie Connor? This book was just awesome! I know that I say that about a lot of books. But what can I say, I read a lot of really great books!

All Rise for the Honorable Perry T. Cook focuses on the unusual life, and extremely unusual living circumstances, of eleven-year-old Perry. You see, Perry is in prison. Well technically, Perry’s mother is the one that is in prison. It just so happens that Perry was born and allowed to live at the Blue River Co-ed Correctional Facility as his mother serves out her sentence. These unusual living circumstances were made possible by the compassionate Warden Daugherty who understood that Perry needed a home or he would be living his life out in the foster care system.


For eleven years of his life, Perry lives with the inmates of the Blue Rive Co-ed Correction Facility. He is happy. The inmates are his family. Although the inmates are colorful, you see their true hearts and you are able to look past what crimes they have committed to earn themselves their places at the prison. As the story moves forward, you fall in love with each character and find yourself cheering for prisoners as the underdogs they may be in this world.


Life for Perry is turned upside down when the new district attorney, Thomas VanLeer, learns of Perry’s living circumstances. VanLeer instantly puts Perry’s life in the prison to a stop, and he brings Perry home to live with his family. Naturally, Perry is in shock, and he struggles to live in the outside world. As Perry puts the pieces back together of his life, he also comes to terms with the truth behind what put his own mother in jail.


If you want a book where you fall in love with all the characters, then check out All Rise for the Honorable Perry T. Cook.

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