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Books are my passion. Kids are my passion. Writing is my passion. For years, I struggled with trying to balance my passions with the everyday realities of life (work, family, ADULTING!). In my mind, I knew that I wanted to someday find a way to merge these passions all together in a way that dream will one- day turn into my full-time job. With that dream in my heart and lots of books in my hands, Open Book Reviews was launched in April 2018!


Open Book Reviews focuses on identifying the “great” book within children’s literature. With so many books out there, and more and more being added to the market each day, it can be a definite challenge for parents, teachers, and students to dig through the masses in order to find those “gems.”


Open Book Reviews does the work for you. We strive to read through the masses and masses of children books in order to present you with the “gems.” In addition, we focus on presenting great reading tips and strategies to help any child become a reader!












 Megan Schmelzer

From a young age, Megan Schmelzer was a book lover. It wasn’t rare to find her always with a book in her hand (and at least two more hidden in her bag).  Today, Megan’s love for all things reading has only grown. Now as both a mother and a teacher, Megan strives to put great books in the hands of the kids she loves!


Megan Schmelzer is an Iowa native. She was born and raised in the Des Moines area, and now she teaches in one of the fast-growing districts in Central Iowa. Megan Schmelzer is a graduate of the University of Northern Iowa in Cedar Falls, Iowa.


She has a double major in Elementary and Middle-Level Education and two minors in the teacher of Reading and Social Studies. Megan has taught many grade levels including 7th & 8th Grade Writing, 6th Grade Reading, Middle School Title Literacy, and 4th Grade General Education.



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